Meet a Member: Marion E. Gold

The best part of doing a blog about National Federation of Press Women friends is getting to know them better. That is the case with Marion E. Gold. I know her as a talented writer. It has been fun to learn about her other creative endeavor with jewelry. You need to check out her website. It is wasy to see she does a beautiful job with everything she does. I hope you enjoy getting to know this unique and unbelievable NFPW member.

Name: Marion E. Gold

City and State: Scottsdale, AZ

Marion E. Gold

Marion E. Gold

Affiliate and any leadership positions: President of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association (2001-2003);  Vice President of Arizona Press Women (2009-2010). Named the Year 2000 Communicator of Achievement by the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. Currently a dual member of the Arizona and Illinois Affiliates.

Years a member of NFPW: 21 years (1995 – present)

Tell us a little about you. 

Before launching Marion Gold Marketing Communications in 1994, I was executive vice-president and general manager of a health care communications agency in Chicago that was part of the Health and Medical Communications Group of OMNICOM and one of the few women in that field to break through Corporate America’s Glass Ceiling. When I resigned after 13 years to start my own company, Working Woman Magazine profiled me as an entrepreneur with “guts.” That’s how it all started, and as the song says, “The beat goes on…”

That said, life takes us down many paths, both professionally and personally. Beginning as a healthcare journalist working in Bethesda, Maryland for a group of newspapers for physicians… Moving to Chicago and reporting as an Associate Editor for the medical news section of the Journal of the American Medical Association… And then entering the amazing corporate world of medical and marketing communications. But it was the personal experience of losing my parents that thrust me into another entrepreneurial role – and that was the genesis of Moonbeams, Lilacs & Roses. You can read about that journey at

Marion Gold as her jewelry-designing persona, “Miriam Bat-Rachel.”

Marion Gold as her jewelry-designing persona, “Miriam Bat-Rachel.”

Many people are surprised when the marketing consultant and writer they hire – or the “Book Author” they meet—also designs jewelry! Actually, there is a great similarity between creating a press release, ghostwriting an article or editorial, or crafting a tactical marketing plan—and designing a piece of jewelry. I call it the synergy between Words and Gemstones.  Both need to be carefully considered in order to meet the needs of the client and the target audience. As my jewelry-designing persona, “Miriam Bat-Rachel,” I design each item of jewelry around the shapes and colors of the natural stones, sometimes using sterling silver or bronze wire to wrap around the stones—literally as if the wire is part of the natural texture of the stone.  Words and Gemstones ~ Working with either takes great precision. They both light up my creative spirit!

Any career advice you would give?

I think Eleanore Roosevelt said it best: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Which talent would you most like to have?

I’ve always wanted to be a country singer. Maybe one of these days…

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

As much as I miss Downtown Chicago, I’m currently living right where I want to be in Arizona. My mom told me that as a little girl, and Roy Rogers was my cowboy hero, I said I wanted to live in Arizona. Guess I followed that dream!

What book are you reading?

Just finished “The Holocaust By Bullets” by Father Patrick Desbois. As best said by The Wall Street Journal: “Father Desbois is a generation too late to save lives. instead, he has saved memory and history.”

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Okay, here is my long-held secret. I worked for a short time as a stringer for the National Enquirer (yes, THAT National Enquirer), reading medical journals and writing brief articles on healthcare advances.

Why is your affiliate and NFPW important to you?

When newspaper writer Francis A. Conant founded IWPA, it was two years before Hollywood, California, was established as a city. The Southwest (where I first joined NFPW in 1995) was still the domain of the proud warrior and Native American leader Geronimo. It is important to keep alive the legacy of women who led the way for all of us who value the written word and gave so much to our history. Maintaining my membership in NFPW lets me continue to be a part of that proud legacy.

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